Why The Fault In Our Stars still remains our favourite…

” That’s the thing about pain; it demands to be felt!”

Even after reading so many tragedies and romantic books; our heart still rests with The Fault in Our Stars…The tragedy, so beautifully crafted by John Green, touches the strings of your heart every time you read it.

The story of a 16 year old girl, cancer survivor, and her journey as she lives through the loss of a loved one. John Green beautifully builds up a story out of darkness and despair.

A story of love and romance, excitement and humor, friendship and bravery as we are led into life of teens, who can have the courage to face both laughter and tears. Our hearts melt reading it, taking us into the roller coaster of emotions, up and down, as Hazel and Augustus maintain smiles on their faces throughout their journey, holding out optimism as a beacon of light.

Bold and beautiful, Green’s most ambitious and aspirational work till date, it digs into tragic and euphoric game of being in love…




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And my favourite one…


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